Social Distancing OR is it “Physical Distancing” : COVID19

Physical Distancing

With COVID19 being the matter of concern all over the world and “Social Distancing” being followed, every country is currently focused to find ways and means to contain the virus spread, many theories have evolved that suggest the best ways to control the spread of this highly contagious disease. Let us understand whether it is really Social Distancing OR is it “Physical Distancing” that we need to follow in COVID19.

Most of the countries and medical research scholars have suggested and announced that personal health hygiene is of high importance to stop the spread over of this virus. Keeping an infected person in isolation for a period of time ( usually 14 – 28 days) has been effective in this matter too. And many parts of the world have benefited with this kind of approach. Majority of the people in the world are seen wearing masks and using sanitizers as well, which is helping a lot.

A few key words in the current phase, since the endemic, have erupted in the current era, some of them are :

Lockdown – To completely stop operations / movement in a particular zone.

Quarantine – Isolation of the infected.

& SOCIAL DISTANCING : In current terms, means to keep safe distance from one person or another.

While the word ‘Social Distancing‘ may have been a commonly used phrase to explain people and communities that you have to stay atleast 3 feet away to avoid the virus, it actually may give a wrong idea about the entire perceived message. Thus, affecting the assumptions of the people to stay disconnected with the people or community; Socially. Another assumption that may be considered, as a message to stay away without being in touch with each another even on social media or while in the same community. This may hit the mental balance and the world leaders may have challenges about controlling mental health of the people ahead. This will impact many who read this word by translating it in local languages. Also, are we not connected socially more now? I think we need social connection more than ever.

Instead, I think, we must start promoting the activity of staying atleast 3 feet away from another person as “Physical Distancing“. This will clearly explain the people, especially those who understand basic languages and translate the same using technology to follow the meaning of it. Physical Distancing means, actually staying back from another person in a safe zone, so as to avoid the virus infection, in case the other person does not wear mask and coughs or sneezes or even spits.

In the tourism sector too, that I belong, the use of right word would make a lot of meaning to the guests, as for them it is important to know that a particular hotel or the activity service operator is following all health guidelines, and that the Physical Distancing norms are followed at their unit. The assurance that, in real the place is following physical distance between every guest as suggested norms would add up lot of confidence to the guests to book the place. On the other hand, if we say, a particular hotel or outlet is following ‘Social Distancing norms” it may or may not give the right picture, the guests may think that the hotel is not available on social platforms, or not very welcoming, and even bookings as groups / conferences / events in future will have assumptions that they are not ‘Socially active’ or ‘Friendly’ hotels or units.

So, for the new world, where we will see lot of new things post COVID19 era, let’s use the word “Physical Distancing” so as to convey the right meaning of keeping safe distance, along with other important keyword phrases like “Follow Healthy Hygiene Guidelines” or “COVID19 Safe Hotels” or “Sanitized and Clean Unit” or “COVID Free Place”

Let’s spread the Message “Physically Distant, Socially Connected

Physically Distant, Socially Connected