How to have a safe Goa vacation post-COVID-19!

With the current pandemic COVID-19, travelers all over the world are worried and wondering how their travel would be like. Whether it is safe to travel or not?
Well, I would recommend all of you to travel to domestic. (Travel in your own country) until you build enough confidence and then move for a vacation in foreign countries. Also, we are always aware of our own countries and precautions are taken to ensure the safety of each of them by our government.

For all those, you are looking to have a vacation in Goa, Goa being the first state in India, to be in the Green Zone and have very fewer chances of getting infected since Goa is a small state and population is less than compared to other states of India. 
While traveling by flights, I highly recommend you select your flights wisely and also maintain enough distance from other passengers as safety precautions.

Selection of accommodation in Goa:

I would suggest you select a branded hotel like Taj, Radisson, Novotel, LemonTree Hotel & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, Grand Hyatt where proper safety precautions will be taken considering these are international brands.
If you are looking for a safe goa vacation and on a budget in Goa, I would recommend you stay in a small boutique place where the crowd would be less and also there will be proper safety precautions taken and moving is easy with social distancing maintained.

Safest accommodation options in Goa:
Another safest option for a stay in Goa during your vacation where you don’t have to worry about social distancing and food is staying in Villas in Goa. You will have your own private villa and will be staying with your family.
Each villa has separate bedrooms with attached washrooms and balconies, a common living room where all of you can come together and have fun and make your stay more memorable. Most of the villas come with a kitchen facility and you can prepare for your own food or hire a cook, you will prepare the food as per your taste. You know your own people and hence there is very little chance of you interacting with strangers or worry about anything.

There are Villas in Goa with a private pool too, which is perfect if you don’t wish to share the pool with other villas in the gated complex. Some are individual villas with all facilities. Some villas in Goa are on the beach while some are a walkable distance from the beach. In almost all the villas, caretakers are always available for any assistance to make your holiday a perfect one.

Service Apartment in Goa is another accommodation option where you will have your own space in Goa unlike the hotel, it will come with a living room and bedrooms and kitchen where you will be living freely and comfortably.

I have experience of staying in Villas in Goa and I must say it was a completely different experience than staying in a hotel in Goa.
I would recommend contacting on +919765227999 / +919823472999, if you are planning to stay in a villa in Goa, they have villas in almost all categories in Goa and all over Goa. 
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