Hotel v/s Villa!

Hotel or Villa for Goa?

Choose your Holiday Space in Goa, we get you the real insights about how trends are changing in this phase of Covid19 Pandemic times.

When it comes to accommodation options for tourists in Goa, whether for leisure or business, there are different accommodation units in Goa, depending upon the price, location, amenities, features, facilities, etc.

Hotels and Villas are currently the topmost contestants for holidays in Goa. But, Do you know the difference between these accommodations type? Don’t worry, we will share some basic differences which will help you in selecting your accommodation for your next holiday in Goa.

Accommodation Type: Hotels

1. Reception: The receptionist keeps on changing and also you have to go to the reception if you need anything.
2. Housekeeping: At specific timing in a day.
3. Meals: At fixed timing and sometimes as per set menu
4. Not ideal for families traveling with infants since they require boiled milk and have to approach the kitchen staff again and again.
5. Small room unless you book the highest category room by paying extra amount.
6. Perfect for solo traveler and couple (for short vacations)
7. Outside food is not allowed in the hotel.
8. Outside drinks not allowed in the hotel.
9. Sharing the pool with other guests in the hotel.
10. Sometimes noisy since there are other guests also in the hotel.

Accommodation Type: Villas

1. The caretaker is available round the clock for assistance.
2. Housekeeping: As per the client’s requirement
3. Meals: Kitchen facility is available at the villa and meals can be cooked as and when required
4. Ideal for families traveling with an infant: Boiling and preparing baby foods to become easy because of the kitchen facilities.
5. Separate bedrooms with living room and kitchen facility
6. Perfect for families, group of friends, and to some extent couples too.
7. You can get food from outside also you can order food from nearby restaurants in your Villa.
8. Outside drinks are allowed
9. Villa comes with two categories: Shared swimming pool and a private swimming pool
10. Peaceful throughout since you share your villa with your own colleagues.

So, if you are planning your vacation, keep the above points in consideration and make your choice. Also, we only promote the best hotels & villas in Goa, who follow strict health safety guidelines. To know more about accommodations in Goa and to get your Best Deals, feel free to contact us on +919765227999 / +919823472999 or visit us at