Who are we ? Goa Specialist offering Memorable Experiences or just a OTA ?

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Our Best Tourism Deals in Goa was started by a couple of young professionals from Goa with a single mission to offer memorable experiences to all business and leisure tourists to Goa.  Over the years we worked hard to ensure every client who inquired with us were taken great care and offered amazing experiences during their stay in Goa.  Initially we just has 2 people with big dreams and just 2 phones to take care of queries.  Over the years internet became big and we launched our first site www.BestGoaDeals.com some time in 2004.  It was just a basic site to give details on goa with our phone number and email address in bold on top so our clients could reach out to us.  Once we got the query all the details were handled offline right from reaching out the hotel to get amazing deal for the client to meeting the guides to organize tours to hiring cars by personally meeting the drivers and also booking tickets for the clients by going personally to airline offices to get the best deals.  Our website was just a first point of contact for our clients to see what are the products we offer.

Through the years the internet evolved and led to growth of new breed of Travel services providers which we call OTA’s.   Various OTA’s were launched over the years which specialized in offering 100’s of destinations all over the World.  With their deep pockets and their amazing Marketing Budgets these OTA’s made life of small operators like ourselves and other difficult.  I remember more than 90% of the travel companies which started along with us shut down as they could not compete with the big guys.  But its over 10 years now and www.BestGoaDeals.com is still going strong and growing every year.  How come we survived and on close introspection we realized that what made us survive and grow was a simple formula :

– Offer Memorable Experiences to All our Clients so they keep on returning to Goa.

One Stop Shop for Goa
One Stop Shop for Goa

– Be One Stop Shop for Goa so our clients do not have to stress about various aspects of a Holiday or a Conference

– Ensure all our team members are local Goans with amazing expertise on the Destination

–  Focus on taking care of our clients and thus repeat and referral business.

– Ensure our Office and Team is based in Panjim, Goa so we are just a phone call away if our clients need any help while in Goa.

Just this simple formula and we have grown exponentially over the years.  But the power and reach of internet is growing stronger by the day and just having a basic website wont do hence we recently upgraded our website  and launched multiple brands to deal with aspects such as Tours, Scuba Diving in Goa Car Hire, Casinos, Weekend Stays in Goa etc.

Deals in Hotels and Resorts in Goa
Goa Tonight for Last Minute Deals to Goa

Also we realized that sometimes clients don’t have time to wait for our team to customize a offer for them and know exactly what they want so for these clients we have now launched our latest brand www.GoaTonight.com which offer live inventory to book directly.  This Wesbite has harnessed best of technology and our Goa expertise to offer rooms at the Best Rates in over 500 Hotels in Goa, Resorts, Villas in Goa at busiest of Times which includes Christmas, New Year, Carnival in Goa as well as over 10,000 other hotels and resorts all over the World….. which raises question in our minds are we Goa Specialist ( which we want to be ) or a OTA ( which market realities has made us ), a answer for which only time will tell.



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