Welcome the Winter Season in Goa : Tourism

Goa Tourism is all set to welcome the guests for holidays in Goa

End of the Monsoon season and everyone gears up with an expectation to setup and be ready for the high tourist season here in Goa. The shacks get their things right, the car vendors clean and paint their vehicles new and the Hotels in Goa buy in new linen and white wash the exteriors.

Goa has been experiencing a makeover this season, with lot of new hotels in Goa already in the launch stage and waiting to welcome their new guests. The first charter flight has also arrived and the schedule for the events and festivals has also been circulated.

The new thing in the state is the introduction of the Duck Boat by the Tourism Department of Goa, which is expected to be in operation from the first of November 2016. The boat (or should I say a amphi-vehicle) will be able to move along the sightseeing spots like a coach and also swim in the river as a cruiser for the guests.

Another very recent update is that Goa – otherwise very well known as a leisure destination, is now been spoken as a conference / event destination as well. With the hosting of the BRICS Conference, Goa is on the radar of many corporate and high value brands as destination for their company meetings and Conferences in Goa, events and celebrations in Goa – a lot of scope for business for event managers and conference specialists in Goa,  besides a good opportunity for the professional travel companies and local tourist operators. No doubt, the hotels and resorts in Goa have already identified the opportunity much before the plans. And the Mopa Airport will surely add on a lot of positive revenue for the cause.

A larger community in Goa, which is dependent on the revenues from the tourism industry, is looking forward for a hope and a better tourist quality so we get our status back for Goa – as the Best Holiday Destination in the World.

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