This is why, Goa is their preferred Holiday Destination

You may have heard about it so many times, and may not be very convinced about the trend / hype they have created for Goa Holidays... but wait, do you know what reasons draw them to this best beach destination of India? Our team of experts from Goa, have listed a few reasons which may help you get convinced to pack your bags and visit this tiny little state in India for your upcoming trip.

Freedom to be : While Goa is one of the most safest places in the world to be at, the culture and people out here are quite friendly and respect each others freedom and space. You are wholeheartedly welcome to have fun, enjoy with your friends and party most of the time in the year. The warm hospitality of the local people make you feel welcome and surely makes you realize that humanity is in living free. That is one of the most precious reason for repeat guests and tourists ( especially foreign ) clients to visit this holiday destination. But beware, freedom does not mean you have the liberty to misuse or abuse your freedom allowed in Goa, the policies and concerned authorities have skills to get you corrected in the best possible way. So while you are in Goa, live free and live respected.festivals















Places to Go, in Goa :¬†Research shows, that travelers love to reach out more to places, where there are landscapes or mountains or water-body or vibrant cultures or parties or festivals or adventure activities. Goa is one of those places on this planet where you find everything, and that too within a vicinity of your short travel distance. An ideal two- day trip in Goa can get you an experience of beautiful beaches in Goa, vibrant parties in Goa, silent dinners at shacks in Goa, trekking and birdwatching activities in Goa, water sports activities in Goa, city tours and even heritage. The festivals here are amazing and full of zeel, like currently the entire Panjim city is lit up with bright colors and painted with designers for the¬†47th International Film Festival of India ( IFFI ) – Goa being the permanent venue of this festival since last 13 years now. Besides, in December, you will get interesting festivals like the St.Francis Xavier’s feast ( 3rd Dec), the Goa Liberation Day celebrations ( 19th Dec ), Christmas Day ( 25th Dec ) and the New Years Eve Parties ( 31st Dec). The celebrations are in every nook and corner of the state and if you are even a single traveler, you will have some reason to celebrate and be a part of it.

People Experience¬†: Yes, you will find some amazing characters here, who can help you learn new lessons in life. You will have no doubt about why most movies now-a-days try to copy the Goan style of living, where you may find an elderly gentlemen playing violin or guitar for his love, or a young chap trying to impress his lover with crazy dance steps. Each and every person in Goa has a different story by themselves, and that makes the creative travelers visit Goa more than often. The current trends in Goa, are where local people are offering their home for the guests to stays or allow their Villas and Apartments in Goa on short term rentals too. That gets you close to the Goan style of living the live in a ‘susegad‘ way.

Safe Waters : Unlike some other destinations, the Goan waters (beaches) are considered to be the safest for swimming and doing water based activities. Our team was talking to a Group of Travelers in Goa, whom we had booked at one of the boutique resorts in Goa, said some of them had never seen a beach, and that was the only reason for them to get convinced about Goa. Safety guards are employed at every beach and you are allowed to swim under their supervision so the accidents can be avoided. Water sports activities like Banana Rides, Paragliding / sailing, jet skis, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Goa, Cruises in Goa, dolphin rides, backwater cruising, are all available with the best safety conditions to the guests.

Connectivity : Goa, perhaps could be your choice for your upcoming holiday, because you can fly down here from any part of India, easy. Most of the airlines have direct flights to Goa, from main cities in the country. Besides domestic, there are some international flights which route via Goa. Besides, the trains to Goa are regular and are one of the best routes for rail travel lovers. You can also drive along the NH17, and experience the beautiful features of this little paradise in India.

Our team constantly works on getting you updates about Goa, as we believe that you deserve to make atleast one trip here to experience our hospitality. So if you are in two minds about choosing Goa as your holiday destination, listen to us, keep the other reason for the next time, for this time, we are waiting for you to come here to Goa.

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