Valuable Tips For Your Goa Trip : By Goa Travel Experts

Goa Holidays Guide

A lot of guests call up these days, to check with us about how the situation about travel and tourism is in Goa due to the #demonetization. And frankly, things are as normal as it would have been for the season time for Goa Holidays. Everyone visiting this tiny beach destination will enjoy every bit of their trip in Goa, and yes, Goa is going cashless as well, with most of our clients now preferring to pay by their Debit / Credit Cards and online transfers. So, overall, we must say, the trend is for good.

However, for the benefit of our guests and for the travelers who are planning to visit Goa for sightseeing purpose, here is a comprehensive list of tips that may help you plan your travel easy and convenient too.

Tips about planning your sightseeing day trips:
Goa is a classic destination where you get everything; from a beach walk to heritage site to a music fest to a party night. However, if you plan your days based on only beaches or only heritage sites.. you may spend extra hours only travelling. It is advisable to combine your day trips based on location. For example, if you are staying in the North Goa, you could visit the Calangute, Baga, Candolim beaches, visit the Fort Aguada, have sumptuous lunch at one of the beach side restaurants in the belt, and head to Panjim city for some shopping and a boat cruise in the evening. Later, have dinner in the city and back to the hotels in Goa.

Day 2, could be visit to Old Goa churches, St Augustine Towers, Shree Manguesh Temple / Shree Shantadurga Temple, a spice plantation for lunch and back to the hotel.  Talk to our Travel Experts for more creative itineraries during your trip. They will save you some money too.

Here are some hotels where you could stay, so you can get the Best of Goa.

Tips about visiting Spiritual sites and holy places:
In December, lot of tourists visit Old Goa to view the amazing churches of Goa, which have been maintained well and are World Heritage sites too. Besides in this month, most of the churches are white-washed to welcome the Christmas times. Similarly, temples and holy shrines are also being cleaned and renovated for the high peak tourist visits. We suggest the travelers to dress up more for the occasion, if you are planning to visit these places. A beach wear or a revealing outfit may not be very welcome at such holy shrines and we are sure you would not want some unwanted attention from strangers to ruin your holidays. Maintain the decorum, keep silence at silence zones, remove your slippers wherever necessary, keep your mobiles silent while at prayer rooms.

These are some hotels near the churches and temples in Goa.

Tips on Striking a Deal with the unreliable:
Think twice before you opt to close a deal with a stranger whom you may have met up while at a ticket counter or at the parking. Be extra cautious if they look suspicious, follow your instincts. Most of the times, the deals these ‘unknown strangers’ provide may be really ‘unbelievable and tempting’ but deep down somewhere there could be a hidden agenda. Ask for details, check their background, verify the people you deal with. Please do not handover your personal documents, cash, cheques and other valuable items to the unknown. If you are harassed, report your issue with the nearest police officer or reach out to any outlet / Goan for emergency help. We at Goa are always there to help you in any travel related issues when you are in Goa.

Reach out to our Travel Experts in Goa on any question you have about Goa Holidays.

Safety First :
You may be travelling most of time during your holidays to visit new places in Goa or for sightseeing, in such a case, carry your identity cards with you. Make sure you have a copy of it back at your hotel just in case you lose your documents. Carry less cash. Wear less jewelry. If you are doing a boating or water based activity, make sure you inform someone offshore whom you know about your adventure. Double check your bills before paying, make sure you are not overcharged. Collect your payment receipt too. Another important thing you should know about your health safety is places where you eat. If you love street food, check their kitchen or cooking place, you don’t want to ruin your holidays with a stomach upset.

Goa is not only famous for its beach life and night parties, but also for its Portuguese architecture which is well protected and maintained, it has got beautiful heritage houses, rich culture and colorful tradition. So when you pack your bags, remember the few tips we have mentioned above, and reach out to us if you need more advise on your travel plans to Goa Holidays . Have a Safe Trip!


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