Swapnagandha Nature Resort Goa : Another Getaway in Natures Lap

Swapnagandha Nature Resort Goa

Swapnagandha Nature Resort Goa, is located on the Chorla Ghats !!

We were headed to Swapnagandha Resort on the Chorla Ghats. It was one of the weekends that along with my friends we decide to drive down. We would be shuttling between 3 states – Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra – as we went along the trails around the resort.

As we drove to Swapnagandha, we were greeted by lots of rain and clouds. The weatherman had predicted that the heavy rainfall over the past one week would start clearing over the weekend. As we checked into our rooms, we were greeted by an amazing sight from our balconies which is of a lot of waterfalls in the valley. The next thing what we started doing immediately is photography. From there we proceeded for a sumptuous lunch, followed by the best activit, that is the infinity swimming pool. The plan for our entire stay so well panned by the staff that we got to experience each an every activity at the Swapnagandha Nature Resort.

Activities that we enjoyed at the Swapnagandha Nature Resort Goa :

Forest Walk,
Night Trail
Trekking at the Highest Point
Trekking at the Sunset Point
Village Walk,
Botanical Tour
Foot Trails, Waterfall Trek
Visit to the Conservation Point
Bird Watching Trail
Bon Fire with Traditional Folk Dance & Music by local villagers
Heena & Mehendi Sessions
Interpretive Talk
Slide Show on Wildlife
Slide Show on Bio Diversity

It was all so packed filled and exciting that we did not even come to know when our two days trip came to and end.

We missed around two to three activities in all the excitement and we intend doing it when we will be surely planning to come back to Swapnagandha Nature Resort again.

Yes and we did our booking through the Goa Sales Office. The email id to get in touch in sales@besttourismdeals.com  .

We will be back 🙂

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