Secret Villas in Goa !

Secret Villas in Goa

Secret Villas in Goa : new division of portal launched.

Looking for a Exclusive Getaway ?

Need to be away from the Crowd ?

Great News ! Goa’s premier portal offering stays for Villas in South and North Goa has launched a new division :  .  This division offers Villas located in private areas which are inaccessible by the general tourist.  This selection of exclusive villas is ideal for :

– Anyone looking for a private getaway with loved ones.

– Celebrities who want to be left alone.

– Writers and Photographers who want to stay in places which will help run their creative juices.

– Or anyone visiting Goa and looking for a exclusive getaway.

This division offer services like :

– Beach Villas/River facing villas

– Nature Villas

– Villas in unexplored Places of Goa

– Airport Pick up and Drop Services

– Chauffer driven car during Stay or Even Self Driven Cars

– Casino Booking

– Booking for Spa Treatments

Why Stay in a Villa ?

Privacy, flexibility and affordability are the major advantages of villas over standard resort hotels. Most villas in Goa are partially or fully enclosed standalone structures. This level of privacy is matched only by the most exclusive boutique hotels. Private use of facilities, particularly pools and sunbathing areas, is particularly important for people who, for cultural or personal reasons, must cover themselves in the company of strangers.

Villas also offer a flexibility of service seldom found in hotels. Having a dedicated staff enables guests to personalize services to a large degree. Access to the kitchen gives guests total control over food preparation: essential for those with special dietary requirements or having children who are picky eaters. Villas offer the freedom to entertain guests as though in your own home, or to retire completely from the outside world.

For visitors requiring more than a single hotel room for their party, a villa is usually a more affordable option. This is particularly true for guests on restricted budgets, as the ability to buy and cook their own food can substantially reduce the overall cost of a vacation.


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