Scuba Diving in Goa FAQ’s

scuba diving in goa

These are FAQ’s about scuba diving in Goa !

Q.  Is scuba diving available in Goa?

A.  Goa is one of top destinations in India for scuba diving. Tourists come from all over the world for certification or for scuba diving in Goa. 

Q. How much does it cost for scuba diving in Goa?

A.  Scuba diving is offered by many operators in Goa and the cost varies from Rs.2500 to Rs.5500 depending on type of diving you want to do.  Best way to book scuba diving is to contact a travel company, which deals with different operators so you have a choice. 

Q. Does Goa offer certification in Scuba Diving?

A. Yes. Most of the operators in Goa offer PADI certification. If any one interested in getting their certifications done in Goa it could be done.

Q. Is scuba diving in Goa safe for non-swimmers?

A.  Scuba Diving Goa package is of the most popular adventure water-sports in Goa.  Diving is conducted by PADI certified scuba diving instructors and insured.  Scuba Diving could be done both by swimmers and non-swimmers.

Q. What is best place for scuba diving in Goa?

A.  Scuba diving offers couple of options for diving. The most famous amongst them is the Grand Island. Scuba diving is also available at the Pigeon Island, Sao Gorge Island and Nagoa.

Q. Which operators doe you recommend for scuba diving in Goa?

A.  Goa has a host of PADI trained operators which offer scuba diving services and are insured.  Each of them have their own merits hence its sometimes advisable to book through a travel agent which deals with many operators and can offer you choices of price and services.

Q. What water sports are available in Goa?

A. Goa is the beach paradise of India and offers many water sports activities like Jet Ski, motor boats, banana ride, Para sailing.  Scuba diving is one of the famous water activity available in Goa.

Q. Is Scuba Diving available round the year in Goa?

A.  Scuba diving in Goa does not operate round the year and its seasonal.  Most of the Scuba diving centers are shut during the monsoon season.

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