Beauty Beneath…Discover it with Scuba Diving In Goa !!!

Scuba Diving Goa

Scuba Diving Goa

It is one of a life time experience when you can feed fish instead of fishing them out. Sounds exciting right !!!

Scuba Diving Goa
Scuba Diving Goa : Underwater with a dive instructor

Scuba Diving Goa : I experienced this when I first did Scuba Diving in Goa under a team a professional and PADI certified divers. It started with a training for 1 hour in the swimming pool. The trainers teach you the techniques and hand signs necessary under water. Once I was done with the training, we were all geared up and ready to go diving for real.

Scuba Diving Goa
Scuba Diving Goa : Time for some sightseeing

We then proceeded to a jetty where there was a boat waiting to take us to the Grande Island. It took around 2 hours to reach the dive site. During our boat trip we spotted some dolphins, also saw the Fort Aguada Jail, a diamond merchant’s house and different other heritage places. After this nice boat ride we reached the dive site. All of us suited up for Scuba Diving to dive 15 meters underwater with a professional diver besides us to help us explore the underworld. It was so beautiful and amazing to see different kind of marine life just moving around you. And also spotted a variety of flora on the sea bed.

The visibility was approximately around 7 meters. We went swimming further to see a old ship wreck and went sightseeing around it and also feed fish with a piece of banana. We continued diving for around 45 minutes and we were not ready to come up until we realized that my oxygen cylinder was getting empty. Up we went to the surface and the trip ended with a small snorkeling session after which we traveled back to the jetty where we were initially started. The instructors we were helpful and informative during the trip.

All ended on a good and exploring note with lot of pictures of the memorable experience.

Is this not exciting for everyone who likes to do something different once you come to Goa? So Scuba Dive…

And the next obvious question is…as to how we can do the booking ??…Just drop an email to or call on 08326711999.


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