San Jacinto Island, Goa

St. Jacinto Island Goa

Surrounded by coral and accessible only by a single bridge, San Jacinto Island, located on the road from the airport to Panaji.

People say that in the 30 years of the 20th century, the San Jacinto Island inhabitants made a vow never to give the island on a lease and let construction companies to built touristic or industrial facilities on their land. That’s why nowadays this small island is a lovely green area, which has preserved the purity and charm of amazing Goa nature.

St. Hyacinthi Cathedral-San Jacinta Island GoaLocal citizens call this church the St. Hyacinthi Cathedral
and celebrate its birthday on the last Sunday of September. On the San Jacinto Island you can also find a well-preserved St. jacinto islandold Portuguese lighthouse, from the top of which you can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful views onto the Indian Ocean and the Goa coast.

San Jacinto Island is full of natural charm; the boat ride which takes you to the island is really enjoyable. Beneath the water surface you can see the plate coral. The main alluring thing of this Island is the scenic chapel that is very old.
This beautiful Island is surrounded by a number of old houses. Beyond these houses is a path that will take you uphill where there is a place from where you can get a panoramic view of the surroundings. The centre of the island has an old spring and it is useful for the local residents as a source of drinking water.

The place is so quiet you could just sit here for hours without realizing the time!

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