River Rafting in Goa

River rafting goa

Monsoon time in Goa, Tourists visiting Goa feels there is no adventure activity operational during this time. Well you have a reason this year and every year to visit Goa during monsoons, you can visit Goa to enjoy river rafting in Goa.

One can try river rafting in Goa at Mhadei River in Valpoi. The river where one can raft in Goa runs parallel to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s not just the rafting which is amazing and adventurous but also the scenic surroundings which will leave you amazed.

It’s pretty thrilling to be on a boat that challenges gravity, leaping with the waves and rolling over the churning water. The skies above are cloudy, and you feel strong winds. This adventure is a great introduction to adventure rafting.

River Rafting Goa
River Rafting Goa

Water splashing on your face and you are not willing to give up until you reach your destination. River rafting in Goa are carried out in accordance with the internationally accepted norms and highly trained instructors. Each passenger will be provided with safety equipment like life jackets, paddles following the instruction sessions from experts.

The rafting expedition on rafts for six to eight persons through numerous class II and III rapids covers a distance of approximately 10 kilometers in 90 minutes. Before they start the trip, a briefing is conducted for safety and other procedures. They take for maximum of ten kms. through class II and III rapids, these rapids are available at any water level. Good thing about this river rafting is even non-swimmers too can enjoy this. You have to be above 10 years of age and should wear secure footwear for rafting. They require minimum 6 passengers to start the trip.

Worth the money you spend, to know more about this amazing adventure trip, you can reach me on 9765227999 or visit us on cruisesingoa.com

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