ReUnions for friends and families in Goa : Best Deals here.

ReUnions for family & friends in Goa

A new trend has developed in the tourism and travel sector that involves old batch mates and college friends meeting again together to re-live the teenage life again, it’s called ReUnions of friends in Goa. ReUnions are becoming more and more favourite of the travellers.. Perhaps it’s one more positive effect of using social media which helps old friends get connected.

Last year during the summer and winter season we handled about 9 such reunions of college mates and families, however this year the query count has almost doubled and we are quite happy about the fact that the families who stayed at hotels in Goa through our company are referring us to their counterparts all over. This year we also have two Army Personnel Reunions which speaks about how disciplined and professional we get handling such sensitive type of get together.

A typical ReUnion includes lot of activities as the guests wish to do maximum time spending with their friends in the short stay of two or three nights. The arrivals are usually quite thrilling as the guests may have not met up for many years and are suddenly at the same airport in the arrival lounge where the maximum hugs and exchange of warm smiles happen.

Reunion of friends in Goa

Upon check-ins the guests are quite excited about the further programs which also involves the spouses of the guests mixing up and meeting the old pals for the first time. So the evening gala dinner is usually spent chatting, singing and even dancing together. The next day is to relive the old moments and one of our group asked us to create a actual classroom for the guests to attend a lecture. The lecturers were the key organisers and the subjects were really funny, that included pulling everyone’s legs and discussing habits of old teachers and students. The second days evening too is quite full of fun as its a theme based party which involves everyone to participate and perform some activity or be creative enough to impress.

The last day..and people become a bit sad that they will again go back and get entangled in the regular chaos of their lifestyle…but the happy thing is that the guests have at least met up after so many years and perhaps will keep in touch with each other on regular basis.

At, handling ReUnion groups is quite an interesting thing for us as we have handled sufficient number of these type of groups to give us an insight about what the clients actually look out for. So if you are an alumni of a college where you had loads of fun in your earlier years and are in touch with your friends only on social media; or if you are a member of a family that requires to come together for a celebration or some occasion or just require a get together, call us on 9823727999 or simply email us your requirements on and we will help you plan, arrange and organise a great Reunion for you and your guests.

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