EIGHT Reasons to Visit Goa in the SUMMER

Summer in Goa

Goa can be visited and revisited anytime in the year. Goa is blessed with numerous natural and artificial charms which will surely mesmerize all your senses. Apart from these treasures, the most striking feature of Goa is its climate. Without a doubt, it’s going to be hot and humid during the summers. Here are few reasons why you should come to Goa this and every summers:

Save Your Money!
Visiting Goa during summers is the best way to enjoy a trip to Goa without emptying your pockets!

Cheaper Flight Tickets
Right from the cheap flight tickets, the stay and the rates of other commodities like cashews, country liquor and handicrafts in Goa are available at much cheaper rates as it is off-season during summers.

Spent money on Partying freely!
You can save enough money on your bookings and use the same money for partying, without spending any extra amount to enjoy at the clubs of Goa!

Shop till You Drop!
If you love shopping, then summers are the best time to visit Goa to buy loads of goodies. Apart from cheap alcohol and cashews, Goa markets are also known for the handicrafts, flip flops and the like. You can also visit popular flea markets in Goa.

Shopping at Goa!
Another advantage while you shop at Goa during summers is that the beaches and stores wouldn’t be crowded; it offers a better shopping experience.

Enjoy Goa Better!
Since tourists don’t flock in to Goa during summers, you can enjoy the place better by having better views of the beaches early morning and evenings.

Parasailing in Goa
Summer is the best season for parasailing in Goa. Get adventurous and make the trip a memorable one!

Enjoy Clicking!
This is the best time to play with your photographic skills. Visit Goa during summers and enjoy taking beautiful images of the beaches and the sunsets!

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