Private Sightseeing In Goa…Its trending in Goa

Private Sightseeing Goa

Private Sightseeing Goa : What is it ?

Private Sightseeing in Goa is become one of the latest trends in Goa for all tourists. With good road links to the capital Panaji, getting around Goa is pretty easy. Only because the bus network is very limited and crowded, the next option is hiring a private taxi for sightseeing. But also alot of tourists choose to rent motorbikes, self drives cars/jeeps although carpooling is also popular if travelling with luggage.

Whether renting a motorbike or a car, the next option is hiring a chauffer driver car where the you get to a driver who also acts like a local guide helping you to enjoy you private sightseeing. Whereas there is another type of sightseeing called  SIC (Sightseeing in Coach). This kindly of sightseeing is not private as there will be other guests also accompanying you and you will need to go at fixed locations, with fixed timings.

Private Sightseeing Goa : What is the cost ?

Motorbikes are by far the cheapest mode of transport, and depending on the bike you want and the season. A bike rental can cost anywhere between 300 and 600 rupees, not including fuel costs and a self drive car will cost approximately around 1200 onwards without fuel. And a chauffeur driven car will cost roughly around 1600 rupees onwards as per the kilometers traveled.

Private Sightseeing Goa : What is the best part ?

While travelling in a private car for sightseeing you can have your own time and places which you can visit, without any restrictions. Some of the places that you can visit, where you are not taken when travelling with a group are :

– Beaches like Palolem, Morjim and Ashvem
– Casino Boats
– Night / Flea markets
– Party pubs/discos

any alot more places.

So what you need to do next ? If your planning for a Private Sightseeing in Goa, just drop a message on or call on 9765227999.


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