Places to Stay : Hotels in North Goa

Hotels in North Goa

Majority of the tourists, love to stay in places where there are lot of things to do. One of the most searched phrases in the search engines, for Goa holidays is ‘Hotels in North Goa‘. And it is probably a fact that maximum tourists in Goa like to stay in the North region.

Goa, is divided in two districts, North Goa and South Goa, and the coastal belt of Goa has the highest population of tourists (both domestic and foreign). However, there are certain areas, where the crowd is high, due to various reasons. Here are some reasons why most of the guests prefer to stay in hotels in North Goa.

Why most tourists choose to stay in Hotels in North Goa :

  1. Beach : The beaches in the North Goa region are more crowded and hence more options for guests to do activities. Besides this, the beaches here are more shallow and perfect for a day swim. Beaches like Ashwem and Baga are such that you can actually walk quite a distance.
  2. Shopping : Panjim, being the capital city of North Goa, a lot of branded outlets for all ages are available, and thus makes a good reason for guests to stay closer to the shopping centers rather than travelling all the way from South Goa.
  3. Casinos : Currently there are five casino ships in the Mandovi River. Maximum land casinos are in the North of Goa. The river is just perfect for all the movement and gives a serene / scenic view of the Panjim city and the beautiful churches / temples along the coast. This gives another reason for guests to stay back in the Hotels in North Goa.
  4. Cruises : Evening Leisure Cruises, they are all in the North, the Goa Boat Cruises which operate from the capital city give another reason for the guests to stay in the North Goa Hotels.
  5. Connectivity : North Goa is connected with the roads coming in from Karnataka, Maharastra and also two railway stations. Of course, the current Goa Airport is in the South, but travelling to North Goa Hotels its as good as travelling from Airport to South Goa Hotels. The distance is almost the same.
  6. Sailing : There are some beautiful bay, in the North of Goa where sailing is recommended. We also have some professionals who do international style sailing here.

These are some great reasons for you all to book your hotels in North Goa, however, South Goa too is an excellent place for your holidays. The reasons to book hotels for you in South Goa, are more better than you can imagine. We will talk about it in our next blog. Meanwhile if you need anything in Goa, whether it is tourism related or not, get in touch with us through our website or simply add us to your WhatsApp on +919823472999. Our Local Goa Experts will help you.



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