Hotel or Villa in Goa?

Villas in Goa

Hotel or Villa in Goa ? Where to stay during your visit to Goa with your Family or Friends or on Business Trip !

Stay in a Hotel or a Villa in Goa ?  This is a question which comes to all tourists visiting to Goa especially the ones coming for 2nd or 3rd time. 

Ideally first time visitors stay in a hotel or resort in Goa as they are not sure about the destination and what to expect out of it. But once they come to Goa and learn more about it then they get comfortable to try something new.  Explore Goa more, try the cuisine, visit the night spots, try and visit the beaches besides Calangute, Candolim and Baga like the Morjim and Palolem beach and also experiment with the kind of accommodation to stay in.  Some stay in Guest Houses and some even prefer Service Apartments.  But tourists coming to Goa have also recently realized the range of Villas that Goa offers which sometimes are a better option than staying in a Hotel.  Besides the size of the place in stay in staying in a Villa is also way of achieving their fantasy of living like the rich and famous.

Goa offers various kinds of Villas both in North and South Goa.  There are both luxury as well as budget villas in Goa.  Some Villas even have swimming pool and gym.  Some of them are located on pristine beaches of South Goa and some are located in the hear of activities in the North Goa.  Where do you stay ?  I all depends on what the visiting tourists are looking for.  Whether its beautiful beaches or being close to restaurants, clubs, shopping and water sports.

Even Panjim has amazing villas and lot of them are heritage ones located at Campal.

How to book the Villas in Goa?  The best way to book the villas in goa is to reach out to one of the travel companies which are based in Goa as they have the local knowledge and know which are the best villas at the ideal prices. Local travel companies can also guide you with the right villa to stay as well as offer you assistance with our services like car hire, airport transfers, cruises, casino, excursions, water sports and scuba diving in Goa.

Whether to Stay in Villas or Hotel ?  This is just a mater of preference.  Both are great options and it all depends on what the traveler is looking for privacy and space or amenities . 

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