Goa Carnaval fever grips Goa, India : Festival glimpses.

Thousands of people across Goa and tourists, joined the annual celebration of the Goa Carnaval 2016, which kicked off on the 6th of February, at Panjim City in Goa.

Colorful tableaus with dancers, designer floats with social messages and hyper music parades mesmerized the crowd on Day 1 of this exciting festival that happens every year. This year the Carnaval in Goa is scheduled from 6th Feb 2016 to 9th Feb 2016.

The key attractions during the Panjim city parade which started at about 5.00 pm, was the Goa Tourism Department tableau which had the gorgeous actress Palomi Ghosh, from the ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ ¬†movie fame. ISL & FC Goa Team Players Mandar Rao Dessai and Romeo Fernandes, along with their club mascot the ‘Gaurdinho’ were present to cheer up the dancers and promote their Club¬†Campaign. FC Goa has signed on as associate sponsors of the Samba Square for Goa Carnaval-2016.

Besides, Social Messages like Stop Child Abuse, Avoid Rat Race, Save Trees, Plant A Tree, Use and Reuse and other social messages were conveyed by the parade participants. The Hotels and Resorts in Goa, especially in the areas where Carnaval is celebrated, are offering Best Deals for their guests too. Below are some pictures of the Goa Carnaval 2016, Panjim parade.



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