Carnaval in Goa – Fiesta time from 25th – 28th Feb 2017

Goa Carnaval 2017 – the Time of the Year, when all Goan Cultures come together to Celebrate Joy.

Goa Carnaval 2017Goa Carnaval 2017, one of the most exciting celebration in Goa. It is a 4-day long extravaganza of fun, music, frolic, party, amusement and festivity. The flavor of colorful joy and fiesta is painted all over Goa. A parade of colorful floats (tableau) and troupes of masked revelers (funny & traditional) singing and dancing to lively music. The music is usually performed live.

Goa Carnaval 2017 in Goa Offers visitors the opportunity to experience  Goan cuisine and Goan culture. The event has a unique blend of spicy food, unlimited fun, live music performances and loads of entertainment. welcomes you to visit Goa during the Carnaval time. Our Travel Experts recommend that you stay in Panjim city to experience this classic celebration.

The King Momo introduces the festival just before the Lent season of the Christian calendar. Lent is a 40-day long period of fasting and penance before the Easter Sunday which means to purify one’s soul and spirit. Sources reveal, that it is an adaptation from the Roman carnival, which is a tamer version in Goa. It usually starts off on Fat Saturday known as ‘Sabado Gordo‘. It concludes on Fat Tuesday known as ‘Shrove Tuesday‘, just before Ash Wednesday that starts with the first day, of the season of Lent.

Carnaval in Goa, as we know it is a madness of sorts : you can see people with funny attire dance to the rhythm of typical tunes and act crazy with the beats of the drums. This festival is more of a Goan celebration. Every religion & tradition is accepted and respected.

Goa Carnaval 2017How Goa Carnaval evolved?

A reliable sources mentions, that in its early days was the time when the white masters and their black slaves imitated each other. The brown natives watched them in amazement.

The whites pretended as black slaves while their slaves, generally from Mozambique, plastered their faces with flour and wore high battens or walked on stilts. In due time, the old crude mimicry evolved into a social parody. The native rural play-writers wrote theme for Khel (‘play’ in Konkani, the local language of Goa) while the Portuguese Governor General, his family and attendants showered the crowds with poudre de riz  (face powder) & confetti, and danced with anyone who wished for a dance with them. Interesting, is it not?

It is also mentioned (refer link here) that in 1922, Dr. Jaime de Morais who was the Governor General of Goa, transformed the entire area around the ‘Palacio do Hidalcao’ into a ‘fairy land’ as he waged a mock war with the children of Panjim from the veranda of his palace using powder bombs (coacotes), bags of perfumed powder, flowers and sugarplums. Balloons bobbed up in the air with multicolored trails and a colorful procession / parade featuring horse-drawn carriages, decorated bullock carts and gorgeously bedecked floats were the highlights during the 3 days. Then Goa Carnival was not just a celebration. It was a mood and was strictly for participants as people sang and danced all nights long. The couple that fell in love during the Carnaval married after Easter. Today, visitors unacquainted with the Goan way of life are often stunned to see the locals singing and dancing practically non-stop for four nights and three days and drinking by the barrel without getting drunken. Revelers greet each other with a loud ‘Viva Carnaval’.

Goa Carnaval 2017

Vibrant & Fun Fiesta in Goa

Today, the celebration is more advanced and more vibrant, the only competition factor among the locals being who has the best beat and whose tableau looks more beautiful.

Moreover, many groups participating in the parade, try to portray a positive social message about cleanliness, health, sports, safety, environment & human rights too. Local Authorities offer the Best Carnaval Tableau / Float prize to the participants.

As a traveler to Goa, Goa Carnaval 2017 is a must see event, as you get the glimpse of how music and fiesta unites the humanity in the world. Carnival in Goa is a event which does not question the participants and the audience about their  religion, case or creed.. you just have to participate responsibly and have the best fun with your friends, family or even by yourself.

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