Delta Resort Chorla Goa

Situated in the dense forest of Western Ghats, Delta Eco resorts Goa is one of the top places for nature lovers.

To the east of this resort, you get the flow of beautiful river Kalsa flowing and the Surla river on the west. This resort is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and its all serenity.

Delta Ecohuts has total of 25 rooms which caters to all kinds of travelers and their needs. They have 3 types of rooms:

Delta Eco Resorts Goa
Delta Eco Resorts Goa

1. Deluxe and Super deluxe rooms: this room accommodates 2 people comfortably with modern amenities in the room

Delta Eco Resorts Goa
Delta Eco Resorts Goa

2. Individual cottages: Individual cottages are more spacious as compared to the deluxe rooms with top end modern amenities.

Delta Eco Resorts Goa
Delta Eco Resorts Goa

3. Tents: Designed especially for the top end nature lovers, Tents can accommodate up to 4 people.

The location and the ambience of Delta Eco resort are so good that it provides an ultimate mixture of work and relaxation for corporate team building. You can conduct your conferences at this resort, completely away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Apart from the stay closer to the nature, this resorts offer various activities:
1.  White Water Rafting:
2.  Folk Dance by Local Villagers
3.  Bonfire
4.  Nature Walk
5.  Bird Watching
6. Wildlife Spotting
7. River crossing

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