Cycle Tours in Goa

cycle tour in goa

(In the new era of lifestyle where health concerns are with every single person, pollution; both air and noise, have become an important aspect to consider at a very high level. Goa being such a blessed place, many people here too have realized the vital need to keep the environment healthy and less polluted. Hence the need of cycle tours in Goa, which is getting more and more popular now in this tiny state.

We will understand in this blog the brief paths about the currently available cycle tours in Goa.

Panaji City Tour

A general tour that starts by 6.00 am in the morning, commences from the Panaji bus stand, the Divja circle and routes through Patto bridge to enter the city. The age old General Post office, Adil Shahs Palace (which was used as Secretariat by the Government Of Goa for a while and now the Museum), the Club National Area, Renovated buildings near Hotel Mandovi, Azad Maidan, the Police HQ and then the Dayanand Bandodkar road to reach Children’s park and Kala Academy are covered along the way. From the last point the cyclist are then guided either back to bus stand or to Miramar beach Circle.

Heritage Tour of Panjim city

Another cycle tour in Goa which should not be missed, is this one which covers Patto Bridge, GPO HQ at Tobacco Square, Old CMM building, Rua De Ouerem creek route, the Panjim Inn heritage hotel, Panjim Pousada route to view rich Portuguese architecture and Saint Sebastian Chapel, the route also covers the Fontainhas route and ends at the spring near Shree Marti Temple. This cycle tour is famous among history lovers and photographers.

Spiritual Glimpses at Old Goa tour

Starts at 7.00 in the morning, from Patto Ribandar and routes through the riverside of Mandovi, covers the ferry points for Chorao and Divar, Goa Institute of Management, Fondvem village, and reaches to Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus. Then the cyclist are guided towards the relics of St. Augustine Towers and then back to Ribandar. This tour is excellent for Photographers and Architecture lovers.

cycle tour in goaVillage Cycle Tours in Goa

These cycle tours are more customized and are scheduled based on festivals and events in a particular village or area. A typical village cycle tour will start early morning with a point of meet up, cover the important entry points of the village, the main area or center point of the village, a holy place of worship, a heritage site if any, some architecture buildings and end up at a place of eating famous in that area. This cycle your is excellent for friends and groups curious about Goan traditions and culture.

While the above tours may make you curious to explore soon, there are certain terms that you should know before making it up for these cycle tours In Goa, some points are :

1. You should be a healthy individual with a little cycling experience.
2. Helmets are mandatory for all individuals. If you do not have a cycle, you can rent it from the operators at a charge, same thing applies for helmets too.
3. You need to pre-book the participation, and there is a fee for the tour. (Yes, it is a guided tour and participation fee varies based on the type of tour.)
4. Minimum four participants are required to make a tour valid, once you are interested the date will be conveyed to you for the tour 48 hours in advance.
5. You need to carry Your Own drinking water and other necessary cycling accessories.
6. Entry fee charges for certain points where charged are to be borne by you, same applies for parking charges.
7. If breakfast is planned, the cost is equally distributed among all the cyclists.

cycle tour in goaIf you are a cycling enthusiast and want to explore more of Goa, this cycle tours of Goa will get you another view of Goan style of living. You can contact our local experts here to know more about how and when the next cycle tour will be scheduled.

Contact our Office in Goa for your next Holiday which could include a customized cycling tour for your and your friends. Call us on 0832 6711999  for details about the activity.

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