Ten Second Takeaway: Goa

Yes Point in Goa

Every traveler would climb Chapora fort for the perfect sunset view, but on your next trip, skip the tourist way and go to Chicolna, near Bogmalo for peaceful sunsets.

There exists a beautifully concealed spot near the coast guard colony in Chicolna, Before you reach the spot, the path forks – one leading lower and one elevated above.

Following the lower path will lead you to the lagoon – a heart-shaped water body a few metres from the waves crashing on rocks. The path goes along the water making for a perfect spot to spend few hours.

Blue Lagoon in Goa:

The Blue Lagoon, as termed by the locals, in Santrem is a well guarded secret hideout that only a few folks are aware about and yet is one of the most scenic places in Goa. They say nothing worth having comes easily. This place truly encompasses that phrase. Blue Lagoon, Santrem, although a tough find makes you exhale away your regret the moment you do manage to find it!

The higher path leads to the cliff, also called ‘Yes Point’. If you stand at the edge, you get a 10 degree view of the ocean and surrounding coastal area, looking all the way up to Majorda on the South and Vasco on the North. The perfect spot to watch the sunset. Definitely better than climbing Chapora for a similar view.

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