Holiday Return Gifts & Best Memories – Take the Best of Goa with You !

best of Goa mario miranda painting

Goa ! Represents a special place for everyone and connects very closely to this tiny little place. There is everything for each one who belongs here. The memories of being in Goa always brings you the freshness of the place. And every tourist who has visited here has taken back a return gift, a souvenir or a great memory. Every traveler returns back with the best of Goa.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the top return gifts / souvenirs which the guests would like to take back along with them. You can buy these to gift someone or to be placed at your home. These will remind them of this wonderful place, and the Best of Goa.

Best of Goa  : Top Purchased Goan Gift Items by Holiday Travelers & Tourists

Best of Goa MemoriesGoan Cashewnuts : The most favorite of them all. Goan Cashewnuts are in high demand by the domestic and foreign tourists. There are many brands available in Goa. And few reputed brands of Goan origin like the Zantye’s are of quite famous, and they are tagged as the Best of Goa. Cashewnuts shops are available at almost every prime spots in Goa.

Spices : Goan Spices, have the history mixed in to them. The flavors in the Goan Spices are different. Many tourists love the Goan spicy masalas available here. The best spices are available in the Margao market, Panjim Market, Mapusa market, Ponda and few coastal villages of Goa. Do not forget to take back a packet of ready made Goan Recheado Masala or Solam ( made from Kokam or Mango) or even kokam water.

Goa T-shirts : Quite a hype in the local fashion here between the travelers coming to Goa as groups. They love wearing the white color t-shirts with Goa written in bold letters, with a picture of a palm tree, elephant or a beach which screams how much the tourists love Goa. Available at any garment stores, there t-shirts come in different shapes and sizes to suit everyone.

Mario Miranda Prints : These typical Goan caricature designs, gifted to Goa by the talented artist late Mario Miranda are quite a beautiful item for a return gifts. You can see them on fridge magnets, t-shirts, tiles, mugs, cups, saucers, engraved on wood, frames and almost on every decorative item that you wish for. Best Places to shop the authentic Mario Miranda art promoting Goan pop culture, are at Panjim city (like Marcous Artifacts), Margao city and few places like Big Foot, etc.

Feni, Goan Port Wine & Spirits : Yes, another favorite among the tourists are the feni’s, urrac’s and the Goan port wines, which have their own taste and feel. This alcoholic beverages are available at all wine stores, you may need to buy some permits to take them in your state / country.

Sea-Shells : Yes, quite famous and mostly loved by the small children, these sea shells come in different shapes and sizes. There are even those which are carved and designed to suit your living room are lamps. You can get customized shapes and there are artists who can even write your name and message on the shells for you.

Coconut Handicrafts : Yes, handmade, and cute looking handicrafts by local artisans and women here are quite a good gift to give back to your loved ones and friends. In Goa, there is a local saying which mentions the importance of the coconut tree and it respects the palm tree as every part of the tree is in someway useful for the Goans.

Besides these, there are many more gifts in Goa which are considered as best souvenirs of Goa. To know more about the above gifts items and many more that may be of your interest, contact our Travel Experts in Goa for a discussion on what is that best of Goa that you can take back on your return. We also offer our expert suggestions for large groups and conferences, and our team can arrange to get you some special discounted pricing for these gifts too. Get in touch with our Groups and Conference Specialists.

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