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Shantadurga is the Goddess of the Cuncolim village in Salcete Taluka.She is a form of the classical Hindu goddess, Durga, Also known as Mahamaya and linked in myth to Kali, Parvati, and the bloodthirsty Matrakas. Durgs primary function in mythology is to combat demons who threaten the stability of the cosmos. Durga is a warrior goddess not linked or subordinate to any male god. Shantadurga means peaceful Durga.the great Indian mother goddess takes many forms- Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Sitala and Saraswati to name a few. In Goa she is known as Shantadurga.

Shanta Durga is seen as an all powerful, holy mother. The festival of Sontrio is connected to Goddess Shanta Durga and Cuncolim.The occasion is called Sontrio (Procession of the Umbrellas), because it is led by twelve colorful umbrellas on tall poles of metal or carved wood. Each umbrella is different and stands for one of the twelve Kshatriya clans of the Cuncolim area.

Religious unity and tolerance between the Hindus and Catholics is highlighted in the celebration of this zatra.Large number of Catholics attend the occasion. They include the agricultural Kunbi casts and also the Kshatriya clans of Cuncolim.Their belief in the Goddess is so strong that inspite of their conversion and following the Catholic tradition they will approach the deity for blessings and Prasad.


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