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Shigmo is a festival of music and dance. It is essentially a festival of farmers, who celebrate the arrival of fresh crops in their households. It is a secular festival, however celebrated in the vicinity of a temple. Temples in Goa, have through the ages been centers of religion, learning and culture. It was customary to start the day or any activity after offering prayers at the temple and blessing to God.

For the Goan Hindus, Ganesh Chaturthi and Shigmo are the two most important festivals, the first a religious one, and the second a folk festival in Goa. It is a spring festival of Goans celebrated by all and is an emotional reminder of Goas history with its roots deep on the soil of Goa. Shigmo is also the Konkani name for the month Phalgun, the last month in the Hindu calendar. The festival like Holi begins on Phalgun Punav ( Full Moon ). But unlike Shigmo which is celebrated till the last day of Phalgun, Holi is just a one day festival. The celebrations are extended to the streets, public places, at temples and at the mand. It is entirely male dominated and the women dances are performed and can be seen at the mand at Shigmo.

Shigmo is dynamic festival, which blends heroic and comic elements in almost equal balance. The heroic elements are depicted through various sacrificial rituals in temples. The festival has spiritual basis. it is closely related to the age old temple system in Goa.Since shigmo pays tribute to nature, offerings are made to Gods and Goddesses, Shantadurga-Khuti, Santeri-Ravalnath, Mangesh-Mhalasa, Shantadurga-Damodar and others. The Shigmo festival culminates into holi as in the other parts of the country.


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