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Jute Macrame Craft

Jute craft is known to be one of the most unique crafts of India and items such as decorative bags, belts, wall hangings, lamp shades, flower pots, hangers, etc are popular Goan souvenirs. As an art form, it has been around since at least the 13th century, when Arabian weavers started knotting the extra fabric at the edges of loomed fabrics. The loose nature of macramé knots mean that a special technique is used to keep the knots in place while the work is being done.

Despite its association with the styles of the hippie era, macramé is actually an art that complements many styles, and its distinctive knots are often seen on retro fashions and decorative housewares. Making macramé items involves just a few materials and embellishments. A knotting board, scissors, some rolls of twine or hemp, a tape measure or ruler, and beads for an optional finishing touch are all it takes.

The hemp, also known as the cord, is mounted to the knotting board before starting to make the knots. Three common knots used in macramé are square, overhand and double-half-hitch knots. Rings can be incorporated into the knots to form a plant hanger or piece of wall art. Beads, feathers, buttons, rings and shells add a decorative touch to the piece.


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