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Sao Joao

The church celebrates the feast of St. John the Baptist on June 24th.He baptized Jesus Christ on the River Jordan and for this reason he was called John the Baptist. In goa the feast is celebrated with great pomp in the villages of Cortalim, Harmal, Siolim and Terekhol.There are some traditions related to the feast of St.John like inviting the new son in law to the brides house to celebrate the feast. Another is that of the newly married son-in-law wearing a head crown of fruits or leaves and jumping into the well.

The youngsters in Goa celebrate this occasion with revelry and perform daredevil feats by jumping into over flowing wells or rivulets. This is done after a prayer to God is offered for peace and prosperity of every one in the year ahead. the boys are found merrily jumping into the water to commemorate the leap of joy, which St. john is said to have taken in the womb of his mother St.Elizabeth, when Virgin Mary visited her.

The village of Siolim organizes annually a boat parade. There is a Committee which is responsible to successfully hold the Sao Joao traditional Boat Festival. The various wards of siolim participate in the parade .Boats are decorated and Youngsters of each ward colorfully dressed come up to the venue, opposite the church where a stage is put up and performances by various artists held. Besides the competition of decorated boats there re competitions for crowns, dresses, singing etc.


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