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Institute Menezes Braganza

Goa, India's most prominent tourist destination houses some of the most amazing museums and art galleries. Tourists can laze around for hours on the beach, enjoy grand parades and finally end up in these soothing and tranquil museums to know a little bit more about Goa and its long ago days. Being blessed with

rich history and culture, Goa depends on these museums to show off its antiques and other treasures of the past. Thus, museums like Institute Menezes Braganza in Goa attract tourists in pursuit of literature, in large numbers, making it one of Goa's most popular attractions.

The institute Menezes Braganza in Goa was established in 1871, to encourage literature Among the masses of Goa. The Institute Menezes houses the Panaji Central library, which also enjoys the reputation of being one of India's oldest libraries. This library is almost a treasure trove of old and highly valuable books. Besides books, this museum also features an art gallery in the upper level of the institute. This art gallery consists of European and Goan paintings, stone sculptures, invaluable drawings, coins and stamps along with other important artifacts.

Besides the contents of the museum, the institute of Menezes Braganza itself is a beautiful structure whose entrance hall is decorated lavishly. This hall is designed by the very famous designer Jorge Calaco in 1935. If the visitors observe carefully, they will be able to depict the mythological story of the Portuguese conquest of Goa, on the hand painted blue and white tiles in this hall.

This very popular museum in Goa attracts a great deal of attention due to its collection. This collection is historically significant besides being a sheer delight for visitors. The institute Menezes Braganza in Goa is a great tourist attraction not only because of its contents, but also because of its own architectural style. This museum is also one of the rare ones in Goa, which have objects, related to both art and literature. This is therefore one place you would not like to miss when you follow the Indian tourism mantra and Go Goa.


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